Thursday, July 19, 2012

Make a Difference in Southeast Asia


While listening to details of a service trip to Southeast Asia this past weekend, tears began to form. My heart began to race. My heart was opened. Something inside me insisted to be loosed. My heart was breaking for what breaks God’s heart, the lost in this dark world.

I believe God is calling me to go on this service trip. But in order for this to happen, God needs to jump into with me and provide. The trip is scheduled for September 23 - October 5. If you are counting the days, yes, it’s quickly approaching. A short 67 days until we leave.

There is so much to do and very little time. I need your help. There are two ways that you can be part of this special time for me and for God’s passion to be expressed.

First, you can become a prayer partner. A great deal of this trip will be focused on prayer. I ask that you join us in prayer.

1) I don’t have a passport. Please pray that the process will be expedited and that my passport is one issue that I won’t need to think about.

2) I don’t have the money. I need to raise $2,500 in a few short weeks in order to be part of this team. Please pray that God will provide the money needed for me to go.

3) I don’t have a great deal of knowledge of the area we’re going. Please pray that God will open my heart and mind to the needs of this area.

4) Above all please pray that God would be honored and glorified on this mission trip.

Secondly, you can become a financial partner. I don’t have the funds to go on this trip. I have been unemployed for nearly two years. After the monthly bills are paid, there’s nothing left. What I do have is the belief that God has placed this desire in my heart and that He will provide all that I need. So again, I ask that you join me. Here are the financial hurdles that need to be addressed.

1) Plane tickets will be purchased on August 1. The flight will cost between $1,200 and $1,250. This amount must be raised in two weeks. Would you be willing to support this mission trip by sending money today?

2) The remaining $1,250 will need to be in place by September 1. This money will be used for transportation, training, and living expenses while in Southeast Asia.

Please understand that you may mark your contribution to go towards my trip. To do so, you may include a sticky note with my name on it or include my name on an envelope when submitting your contribution. Do NOT write my name in the memo line.   Also, if the trip is canceled, if I can’t attend, or if I’ve met my fundraising goal, your contribution will remain in the missions fund at LifeBridge to be used for other mission related expenses. Your contribution is a non-refundable, tax-deductible gift and you will receive a year-end statement of your contribution(s).

To become a financial partner, please make checks payable to LifeBridge Christian Church (LBCC) and send the check to me at 300 Garfield St, Dacono, CO 80514. You may also send the check to LifeBridge Christian Church, ATTN: Imrie Anderson at 10345 Ute Highway, Longmont, CO 80504. Remember to place a sticky note on the check with my name on it.

I believe that God will join me on this journey and because He is with me, I can hold tightly to His power, His strength, and His wisdom. My faith can rest assured that He will come through. Are you willing to join us?

Grace and peace be yours in abundance,

Donna Sisler

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